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Small World Kids, Inc.
"We have a great relationship with Laurus and our company views them as a strategic partner. Even though we are a medium-sized company, our business is fairly complex with overseas factories and customers. What we really like about Laurus is that they took the time to understand our business complexities and tailored a financing program that met our needs. We view Laurus as critical to our growth and success. Whenever we look at merger and acquisition opportunities, we know we have a partner we can count on to make timely intelligent business decisions about our financing needs. I can comfortably evaluate different financing options with them and find a win/win solution that aligns our interests. Their flexibility and creativity in structuring financial solutions is absolutely essential for any growing business."
John Matisa, Chief Operation Officer

StockerYale, Inc.
"StockerYale has done several financings with Laurus over the last three years and I have always been impressed by their creativity, speed to market and commitment to supporting our growth strategy. They offered maximum flexibility in structuring the right financing to meet our specific requirements."
Mark Blodgett, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Bioniche Life Sciences
"Being based in Canada, we were a bit cautious about walking into a financing relationship with a non Canadian based institution. As it turns out, we have been pleasantly surprised about the efficiency, the understanding and the professionalism of the Laurus team. The financings we closed with Laurus were complex and detailed. Laurus stayed focused, never hesitated and closed the deal in record speed while maintaining very reasonable and flexible terms, compared to other proposals we had.Today both the Company and Laurus enjoy a prosperous relationship and we can only recommend Laurus to new parties."
Patrick Montpetit, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Conversion Services International, Inc.
"We have been working with Laurus for two years and consider them a valued business partner. They have demonstrated their commitment to our Company on several occasions by thinking out of the box. They have impressed us with their creative solutions and have always stepped up to the plate when we have needed them."
Mitch Peipert, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Dynamic Health Products, Inc.
"Compared to other lenders we have worked with, it has been a pleasure working with Laurus. They took the time to really understand our business and looked at us as if we were partners rather than just a borrower. They have given us the room and capital we need to grow and have always been very responsive and quick to respond to our needs."
Mandeep K. Taneja, Chief Executive Officer

GSE Systems, Inc.
"We needed a financial partner that could move quickly, that was able to support our diverse and sometimes rapidly changing financial needs and most importantly that was able to support our long term growth goals. Our experience with Laurus has been very positive on all of these fronts."
John V. Moran, Chief Executive Officer

DataLogic International Inc.
"Laurus is a great partner who is enthusiastic about investing in companies like DataLogic as they expand their investment portfolio. Laurus has been easy to work with and has provided us with the capital necessary to continue our strategic initiatives. With our recent refinancing, Laurus provided maximum flexibility which has helped position the company for accelerated growth."
Keith Moore, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Incentra Solutions Inc.
"Incentra has had an excellent relationship and history with Laurus since early 2004 which we value very highly. Laurus is a true partner whom has supported the company though its good and bad times. We value their flexibility and continued backing which has helped us to achieve our business objectives. Laurus has provided many financing solutions to us at competitive rates including, term debt for core organic growth,revolving lines of credit and acquisition financing to support the successful execution of our business strategy."
Thomas P. Sweeney III, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

BIO-key International
"When we were seeking a financial partner to help us make a strategic acquisition in Homeland Security that was beyond our available resources and industry traditional thinking, the only firm that had the vision, commitment and flexibility to help us close our unique opportunity was Laurus. They responded creatively, quickly and responsively. In the ensuing two years of our relationship, Laurus has been steadfast in its support and commitment to the company through changing business conditions with the highest level of integrity and professionalism."
Thomas J. Colatosti, Chairman

SpaceDev, Inc.
"SpaceDev (OTCBB: SPDV) is a space technology company that creates and sells affordable and innovative space technology products and solutions to government and commercial enterprises. We began our relationship with Laurus about three years ago. At that time, the Company had great growth prospects but limited financial resources. Laurus helped us leverage our growing backlog of business by providing growth capital and worked with us to support our efforts to strengthen our balance sheet while maintain a strong market presence. Today, SpaceDev has grown tenfold, is profitable and cash flow positive and the Laurus team continues to be supportive, creative, accessible and flexible. Their willingness to meet the Company’s needs has allowed SpaceDev to prosper and has been essential to our development. Laurus took a risk in SpaceDev when the Company needed a strategic financial partner and has worked with the Company closely as we transitioned from one growth stage to the next and from one type of financial vehicle to the next. We very much appreciate their involvement, interest and support."
Mark N. Sirangelo, Chief Executive Officer

"We are pleased with this round of financing, particularly with the speed in execution and, importantly, with the continued support and confidence expressed by Laurus. This is the third transaction with Laurus and we have found them to be an excellent partner as we raise funds to grow our business and to better position the company for possible strategic initiatives. We intend to fully repay the debt resulting from the Airdesk acquisition announced earlier this year and welcome the further strengthening to our balance sheet with the resulting increase to our cash reserves."
Stratton Nicolaides, Chairman and CEO

Synergy Brands, Inc.
"Laurus has been a unique investor in Synergy Brands. Its customized, structured financing packages completely complemented our needs as a Micro-Cap NASDAQ Company."
Mair Faibish, Chairman and CEO

Accentia Biopharmaceuticals Inc.
"Biopharmaceuticals represent an opportunity for extraordinary investment returns that are largely independent of the public equity markets. Choosing the right financial partner, however, is critical to achieving success. We have over 25 years of experience in creating, developing and financing these opportunities. No funding partner has ever come close to matching the investment acumen, transactional focus, and deal execution of Laurus Funds. The cost of capital is inherently a balancing of competing interests between the company and its funding partner so Laurus’ flexibility and commitment to mutual success makes them our first choice for financing."
Frank E. O&rsquot;Donnell,Jr MD, Chairman and CEO

Petrol Oil and Gas Inc.
"For an emerging growth energy company like Petrol, Laurus has proved to be an exceptional business partner in every sense of the word. The professionals at Laurus moved quickly to grasp the diverse legal and technical underpinnings of the oil and gas business which allowed their financing packages to be extremely competitive, clear and adept to this industry. This collaboration is very well suited, Laurus supports our financial needs and our business growth provides returns that are mutually beneficial."
Paul Branagan, President and Chief Executive Officer

Pacific Energy Resources Ltd.
"Given the nature of the energy sector today it is imperative that when an opportunity presents its self that you have the ability to move quickly and decisively. Laurus has allowed us the speed and flexibility necessary to operate in this highly competitive environment. We continue to be impressed with their creativity, adaptability and high level of professionalism throughout the organization. We genuinely feel that we have gained a supportive financial partner that will continue to support our long term goals. We would not hesitate to recommend Laurus to anyone that has a good project that needs quick funding."
Vladimir Katic, Chairman and CEO

On The Go Technologies Group
"On The Go (OTG) has grown substantially over the past 18 months, and Laurus'custom-tailored financial service and catering to our unique needs over the past year, has been a definitive supporting factor. Their backing has allowed us the flexibility and certainty to go forth in every sense with complete confidence. Looking to times yet to come, together as a team we truly believe that they'll continue to take the lead in lending that hand in providing us the financial platform to always move to that next level."
Stuart Turk, Chief Executive Officer,

GVI Security Solutions Inc.
"It has been a pleasure working with the Laurus team. Their flexibility, response and advice have been invaluable. Laurus was instrumental in assisting us with our turnaround plan. Today, Laurus is a key part of our growth strategy going forward."
Joe Restivo, Chief Executive Officer

Gemini Air Cargo
"The Laurus process is as advertised: a quick commitment, a speedy and professional negotiation, an on-time close, and excellent service "after the sale." We are looking forward to building our business together."
Lawrence Kahn, Chief Financial Officer

Applied Digital Solutions Inc.
"As the Senior V.P., Chief Financial Officer of a publicly traded Company, I have worked with a number of financial and private equity institutions for the purpose of raising working capital through debt or equity financing. My personal experience with Laurus, and Scott Bluestein, has been nothing short of fantastic. The professionals at Laurus are competent, efficient, timely, and above all, they operate with the highest of integrity. We are proud to have Laurus as our business partner."
Evan McKeown, Chief Financial Officer

180 Connect, Inc.
"In Laurus we found a team of intelligent, candid and aggressive financial professionals,operating in a unique culture: while offering tailored and competitive lending products,their mindset is one of investor. The resulting tensions around risk tolerance were handled skillfully, with substantial benefits to our Company, including a sincere appreciation for the impact of operating trade-offs, flexibility in deal structure, and speed of execution. Considering our substantial size, variability of cash needs, and rapid growth characteristics, these attributes were critical. Laurus wants to help us build our differentiated in-to-the-home-platform, as much as we do."
Anton Simunovic, Director

Verso Technologies Inc.
"We recently chose Laurus as our strategic partner to give us the financing flexibility to assist us in achieving our business objectives. Verso operates in a very dynamic and fast paced environment and Laurus has proven that they will react quickly to accommodate our financing needs as evidenced by their funding support of a recent acquisition. We are looking forward to continuing to develop our relationship with the Laurus team! "
Marty Kidder, Chief Financial Officer

Riviera Tool Company
"Laurus has provided the Company a structured financing that is more appropriate for the specific requirements of our industry. Such financing provides the Company a certain amount of flexibility, which is not commonly available from most conventional lending institutions. We believe that this financing structure is a direct reflection by the Laurus management team of their comprehensive understanding regarding the Company’s requirements and what is in the best interest of it’s collective stakeholders."
Peter Canepa, Chief Financial Officer

JTM Acquisition Corp.
"We are very pleased with the financing arrangements with Laurus Master Fund; the financing structure is going to allow us to execute our business plan. The entire team at Laurus has been great to work with; they are supportive and respectful partners and we are pleased to be working with them."
Jason Totah, Chief Executive Officer

Silicon Mountain Memory, Inc.
"From the beginning of the Laurus investment, I have been extremely impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism. Despite the negative press about hedge funds, Laurus has conducted themselves as a genuine partner for our future success. They are open and amicable to changes that benefit the success of all parties. Laurus has played an active role in providing the needed funding for Silicon Mountain's growth and success. Personally, I am willing to consider Laurus for future investments and recommend them to colleagues as a viable financial partner."
Tré Cates, Founder / Chief Executive Officer

TWL Knowledge Group, Inc. / TWL Corporation
"We have done two transactions with Laurus. They have always lived up to their word, and just as importantly, they have performed quickly and been flexible in dealing with us when circumstances required it. I would highly recommend them to anyone."
Dennis J. Cagan, President & CEO

National Investment Managers Inc.
"Laurus funded our company in our infancy, having faith in our business plan. We have had three fundings from Laurus all of which were timely and allowed us to grow our business to a nationally recognized entity with locations throughout the United States. We would not have been able to execute on our plan without the team from Laurus."
Leonard A. Neuhaus, Chief Operating Officer
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